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The Rumbly In My Tumbly

or my sick mental disease

9/26/05 07:10 pm - Homework

Hey, I wasn't at school today, could somebody call me and tell me what the homework is? 438-2651
Or I guess you could just post it, but if you're too lazy then just call that number.
Thanks buches!

9/25/05 09:31 pm

Two years ago,
I couldn't do it anymore
Two years ago,
I know what I should've done
Two years ago,
I tried to be strong
Two years ago,
I stopped the gun,
I stopped it all before it started
Or so thats what i thought
I tried to let myself blend in
I thought thats what i got
I entertwined my life to mesh,
With thoes of who i cared
I may as well have stabbed myself
For all i can compare
I shouldn't have tried to be all strong,
I should have known it'd keep going on
I've figured a way to keep myself sane
for these two years i've cried my pain
And now i'm all dried up again
But i can't let that rain back in
My life seems to revert to it's old ways
With it's little unnerving horror plays
Scenes of steel and blood and tears,
Clouding my mind with it's old fears
This new chapter looks just like the last
But it won't end as fast
I can see the future,
Read between the lines
I know it won't turn out all fine
But that's O.K.
It's fine by me
I need to set me free
This all turned out a Goddamned mess
Keeping me in all this stress
I can't take this anymore
It's about to see the door
When the last blood hits the floor
I can't take it anymore

9/22/05 07:35 pm - Gosh Darnit

"I hate it when i play with the cieling panels!"
-- Mr. Murray

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9/12/05 05:40 pm

I woke up to my mom throwing a backpack on me, cus i slept on the couch and "someone" (no names) seemed to have forgotten. Then I turned on the TV while I was eating, something i never do in the morning, and MTV was on.
This is my parents' TV. And THEY sware they hate today's music, yet I sware that I hear it coming from their TV at night.
Well as a result, I had that song that i don't like, the one about "her" being bittersweet, stuck in my head, all day. To this very minute. Shame....

9/11/05 02:39 pm

Damn gargoyles! Foiled again!

9/11/05 11:57 am - Katrina Relief

O.K. Just a quick word on this whole racism situation brought on by this disaster. Isn't that funny. Even in a disaster people can't get it together to realize that we're all made out of the same material, we're just differnt shades. Isn't that a shame. But if you look at who jumped up and made thoes statements, they were black. Everythings happened cus they were black. The hurricane came cus we're black, the levy broke cus we're black, and now nobody's helping cus we're black. That means mother nature must be white, the levy that broke was white, and everybody whose helping must be black, right? Well, if you go to the blacks who are staying with white families they don't even know right now, I wonder if they'd say the same thing? It's not like these people when they're questioned are gonna be like, Well we sat down the night before, and we decided that "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a black family come stay with us?" No, it was these people need help so lets take in a family that needs us. When they went to help they took the people who came through the door, not "Oh no we don't want them. Could you go find us some white people?" And no, George Bush doesn't seem to like black people too much, but lets not make broad, unsubstantiated statements. Why don't you go ahead, and take that five minutes you get on television, and say something that doesn't just shock everyone, but actually helps move everything along. What a thought.

6/16/05 01:26 pm

Hey y'all. I need job, now more than ever. So if anybody knows anything about a plcae i can work, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee please! tell me. It's really important. thanks!

6/14/05 04:05 pm

what's up wityh the beach tmorrow?

6/12/05 02:57 pm - I'm commmmmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg BACK!

We're leaving for Florida tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Assuming tomorrows Monday. I have my dats all screwed up. I'm surprised Sandy (their grandmother) opened her her firebreathing heart long enough to let me talk to you people. I can't wait. Talk to you later.

6/12/05 02:30 pm

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